About WISe

The Wheaton Identification Service (WISe) allows faculty members to identify students of concern and students with exceptional potential in a simple and efficient manner at any point of the semester. By logging into their class rosters in WINDOW, faculty members can access WISe which simultaneously generates email messages to the student of concern; the student’s advisor and the Academic Advising staff through use of either a standard comment from a drop down menu or special notices which allows faculty members to write individualized comments. Faculty members identifying students of exceptional promise will notify only the Academic Advising staff. WISe also provides a system for advisors and advising staff to track the progress of our most at-risk and our most exceptional students from course to course and semester to semester.


To develop an easy to use early identification system for faculty and advisors with two distinct purposes:

  • to identify students at potential risk in order to provide assistance and suggest resources.
  • to identify students with potential for becoming national scholars.

Key Features of WISe

  • User interface seamlessly integrated into existing class/advisee lists available via WINDOW.
  • System is available for use throughout the semester.
  • Emails to notify appropriate individuals via automated process.
Two Types of notices

Standard Message (email sent to student):

  • Pull down menu of codes, comments are optional.
  • Email (standard message) sent directly to the student, with copies to all faculty advisors, academic advising staff and the sender. Scheduled to be sent once per day.
  • Faculty members may view their entries from their class lists.
  • Faculty advisors may view all entries regarding their advisees.

Student Success Advisors’ Message (email not sent to student):

  • Once selected, comments are required.
  • Email (comments from the faculty or advisor) sent directly to Academic Advising staff who will determine the appropriate course of action or outreach.
  • Faculty members may view their entries only.
  • Faculty advisors may view all entries.

If you have questions about WISe, you should contact a member of the staff in the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services or in the Office of the Registrar.