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What is my Wheaton mail box number and combination?

You can find your mail box number and combination via insideWheaton.

Please log into insideWheaton, choose WINDOW, choose Student & Financial Records and choose View Student Wheaton P.O. Box.

What is my address to receive mail here at Wheaton?

To ensure proper delivery of mail, magazines, packages, etc. to you at the college please use the following address format:

Student Name
Box W####
Wheaton College
26 East Main Street
Norton, MA 02766

Your mail Box should never be left unlocked or your combination given to another person.
Please request your family members not to send cash through the mail.

What are the hours of operation for the Campus Mail Service Window?

Campus Mail Services is open from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Any scheduled or unscheduled change in operating hours will be posted on the Office and Campus Mail Services webpage as well as posted at the service window.

How much notice do I need to give Campus Mail Services when sending a large mailing?

We need to have a 2-day notice for large mailings so we can plan for processing time and make special arrangements for the mailing to be delivered to the Norton Post Office.

What is 1st Class Bulk Mailing? When would I use Bulk Mailing?

The term “Bulk Mail” refers to specific minimum quantities of mail that are prepared as a specific class of mail. First-Class Mail requires a minimum of 500 pieces for each mailing. Bulk Mailing is used for large mailings when a mail piece cannot be processed through our mail meter. If your mail piece has a gloss to it the postage will smear when run through our meter. If you plan to send a glossy mail piece you will need to have our 1st class indicia printed on the item at the time of printing. To help you in processing 1st class bulk mailings please use the following guidelines:

  1. We need to have at least a 2-day advance notice for 1st Class Bulk Mailings so that we have time to process the paperwork and be sure that there is enough funding in our USPS account at the Norton P.O. to cover the cost of the mailing. Please send an e-mail to James Gortze at [email protected] stating the amount of pieces and the intended date of mailing.
  2. International must be separate from domestic.
  3. If there are not 500 International pieces then you will need to purchase stamps with your Procard (glossy postcards will not go through the mail meter without smudging). You will then have to put the stamps on prior to bringing the pieces to Campus Mail to be sent out.
  4. Mail is delivered to the Norton Post Office at 9:15 am when we pick up the incoming USPS mail. Any other deliveries require special arrangements be made and approved to meet Physical Plant schedules.

Anytime you are planning a large mailing please touch base with us. We are happy to help you plan your mailing to meet the most efficient and economical means of delivery.

Can I buy stamps at Campus Mail Services?

No. You can purchase stamps at the Norton Post Office, located on campus at 6 Taunton Ave.

When does outgoing mail leave the Campus Mail Room?

Mail is delivered to the Norton Post Office at 9:15 am when we pick up the incoming USPS mail. Any other deliveries require special arrangements be made and approved to meet Physical Plant schedules.

What time does FedEx pick-up outbound packages?

FedEx picks up outbound packages between 3:15 pm and 3:30 pm. You should have your package at Campus Mail no later than 3:00 for processing. If you have multiple packages please plan accordingly.

Can I ship a personal package via FedEx or UPS?

Yes. For a small processing fee plus shipping you can ship your personal packages UPS or FedEx. We are not set up to take credit cards so you will need to pay by check or cash at the time of process.

How will I know when a package has arrived for me?

When you receive a package, we will notify you through your Wheaton e-mail account only. Packages can be picked up between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

In order to ensure security when picking up your mail and packages, you must present your Wheaton Student ID or photo ID when picking up all packages

Can I have mail and packages forwarded to me during winter and summer breaks?

We can forward all 1st Class USPS mail during the summer break. You must fill out a forwarding address form prior to leaving campus in May. FedEx and UPS cannot be forwarded. If you call Campus Mail we will be happy to make special arrangements to ship your FedEx and UPS to your home for a fee. We do not forward mail during the winter break.

Do you have packaging and mailing forms available for shipping?

We offer a wide arrange of envelopes, boxes, packaging supplies, and mailing forms to you at no cost. Please stop by our service window for shipping needs.