Wheaton College generally observes the following scheduled national holidays and college holidays each calendar year. Benefit-eligible staff employees who are regularly scheduled to work on these designated days are eligible to be paid for the holiday.

2023 Staff Holidays
Day Day of Week Description Type
January 2 Monday New Year’s Day (observed) National Holiday
January 16 Monday MLK Day College Holiday
May 29 Monday Memorial Day National Holiday
June 19 Monday Juneteenth College Holiday
July 3 Monday College Holiday
July 4 Tuesday Independence Day (4th) National Holiday
September 4 Monday Labor Day National Holiday
October 9 Monday Indigenous People’s Day College Holiday
November 23 Thursday Thanksgiving Day National Holiday
November 24 Friday College Holiday
December 22 Friday College Holiday
December 25 Monday Christmas Day National Holiday
December 26 Tuesday College Holiday
December 27 Wednesday College Holiday
December 28 Thursday College Holiday
December 29 Friday College Holiday