This report on Wheaton College’s endowment covers the 2021 fiscal year, ending on June 30, 2021. The endowment ended the year at a record high of $266.8 million and included $60 million of investment returns plus more than $8.6 million in new gifts. This growth during the 2021 fiscal year represented careful, long-term investment management and stewardship, along with the new contributions from the college community.

The college’s endowment is critically important to Wheaton’s future and helps it to sustain educational excellence. It ensures that a Wheaton education remains accessible to students, supports faculty teaching and scholarship, provides the flexibility to make strategic investments that enhance educational programs and strengthens the institution for the future.

Fundamentally, the college’s endowment is an intergenerational gift. It began with the Wheaton family’s estate and has grown over the years through the generosity and foresight of alumni, parents, families and friends who want to ensure that Wheaton’s distinctive educational opportunities are available for the students of today and the students of tomorrow. We are both honored, and take seriously, the responsibility of stewardship as we lead the effort to preserve and grow this resource for the present and future of Wheaton.

Janet Lindholm Lebovitz ’72
Chair, Board of Trustees

Maryann E. Carroll ‘79
Trustee and Chair, Investment Committee