Charter for the President’s Council

College Officers
Assistant Vice President of Communications, ex officio
Assistant to the President, ex officio

Purpose: The President’s Council is a deliberative body that works collaboratively with the President to realize the vision of the College and to address the strategic issues and challenges facing the college. In most cases, this will require setting or modifying policies and procedures. All members of the Council will be invited to participate in the discussions.

Decision-making: Four different decision-making methods will be used by the President’s Council:

  1. Decide and inform
  2. Consult and decide
  3. Decide by consensus
  4. Delegate decision

Normally, agenda items will specify the particular method of decision-making.

Meetings: A schedule for the meetings of the President’s Council will be developed in summer prior to the upcoming academic year. The schedule will be organized based on specific tracks (e.g., strategic plan, leadership/learning, communications, etc). Notes will be taken and distributed to each member by the Assistant to the President.

Members of the President’s Council:

  • Dennis M. Hanno, President
  • Gene Begin, Vice President for Marketing and Communications
  • Merritt Crowley, Vice President for College Advancement
  • Brian Douglas, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Renee White, Provost
  • Grant M. Gosselin, Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission
  • Michael Graca, Assistant Vice President of Communications, ex officio
  • Kristen Turcotte, Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, ex officio
  • Kate McCaffrey,┬áVice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

July 2016