Charter for the President’s Council


The President’s Council is a decision-making and deliberative body that works collaboratively with the President to realize the vision of the College and to address the strategic issues and challenges facing the college. In most cases, this will require brainstorming and discussion, as well as setting or modifying policies and procedures. All members of the Council participate in the discussions and decisions.


Three different decision-making methods will be used by the President’s Council:

  1. President or VPs has made a decision and informs the council
  2. President and VPs consult and decide together
  3. The President delegates a decision


A schedule for the meetings of the President’s Council will be developed in the summer prior to the upcoming academic year. A retreat schedule will be set a year in advance. Action items from the agenda, as well as new agenda items, will be noted by the Assistant to the President.

Members of the President’s Council

  • Michaele Whelan, President
  • Walter Caffey, Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission & Student Aid
  • Merritt Crowley, Vice President for College Advancement
  • Touba Ghadessi, Provost
  • Michael Graca, Interim Vice President for Marketing and Communications
  • Luis Paredes, Associate Vice President for Institutional Equity and Belonging
  • Darnell Parker, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Roger Stackpoole, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Pamela Vaz, Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, ex officio
  • Gavin Viano, Associate Vice President for Athletics & Strategic Programs

Charter for the President’s Advisory Council


The President’s Advisory Council is a consultative body that works collaboratively with the President and President’s Council to advance the vision and strategic priorities of the College. This larger group will discuss decisions that have been made as well as pending decisions, delve into ramifications of those decisions, and help to communicate with managers, staff, and faculty at the college. All members of the Council will be invited to participate in the discussions, ask questions, and raise issues.

Members of the President’s Advisory Council

  • Jeff Cutting, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Strategic Analyst
  • Mike Graca, Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Communications
  • Zachary Irish, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Omaira Roy, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Avanti Seymour, Director, Faculty Affairs & Academic Operations
  • Courtney Shurtleff, Assistant Vice President for Advancement
  • Lisa Yenush ‘90, Senior Associate Director of Athletics & Recreation
  • TBD possible faculty representative (Chair of Faculty Meeting)

Charter for the Leaders and Supervisors Group


Established in 1992 by President Marshall, the Senior Managers Group has evolved into the Leaders and Supervisors Group with continuity of purpose: to promote cross-divisional communication on major College priorities and provide cooperation and collaboration to enhance leadership at Wheaton. Professional development and skill building are a focus for this group.


Senior managers, unit leaders who may not be managers, and all supervisors.