As our school year of 2020-2021 comes to a close, we want to express heartfelt THANK YOU to our Teachers, the Wheaton Community, and our Parents and Families. It does take a village! We will be closed for the summer season but will be checking our email. We are currently waitlisted for next year, but If you are interested in enrollment for the school year of 2022-2023, we are accepting applications.

The Elisabeth Amen Nursery School at Wheaton College offers children opportunities to experiment, discover and grow with curiosity and confidence, with a focus on play-based learning and outdoor exploration. Located on the picturesque campus of Wheaton College, the school offers special venues for exploration and learning, such as apple orchards, nature trails, a fishing pond, performance spaces and a gymnasium.

Programming options

We offer four programs, including half-day, full-day and extended-day options. The school year runs from September through June and follows the Norton Public School calendar as closely as possible.
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