Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


Class of 2021

Welcome to the Class of 2021!

Congratulations on your admission to Wheaton's Class of 2021! You will be joining a talented group of students with a diverse range of background and interests. We are excited to welcome you into the Wheaton community.

Preview Days and Campus Visits

We are hosting one more Preview Day this spring on Saturday, April 29th - it's a chance to hear from members of the Wheaton community, take a tour and get your questions answered.

President's Reception for Admitted Students

President Hanno cordially invites you and your guests to a reception in the Presidents' Garden to celebrate your achievement on Friday, April 28th.  We hope to see you on campus!

Information for Newly Enrolled Students

Please click here to log into the student portal.

Learn More About Wheaton

Join the Class of 2021 Facebook group and meet your classmates!

View Wheaton LIVE webcasts for admitted students

Next Steps

Enrollment procedures

Financial Aid

CORE Orientation 

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