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We offer group and individual sessions with trained peer tutors.

Kollett Hall is a study space located adjacent to the former Science Center. Hours are until midnight Sunday through Thursday and until 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Offerings include drop-in tutoring in almost every academic subject and quiet study space. The hall's comfortable couches and easily changed room set-up make the space an ideal tutoring center and a great meeting place for study groups or group projects.

“Tutoring is for anyone curious, anyone who wants to know more or anyone just interested in the subject,” stated Erin Ryan, Wheaton graduate and former Russian tutor.

Peer tutoring offers group learning and individual sessions with trained student tutors. Tutors work collaboratively with students at all levels of achievement to improve general learning skills and to provide support in specific courses. Appointments are not necessary; students may simply go Kollett Hall to work with tutors during schedule hours Sunday through Thursday, 4-11 p.m.

An exciting addition to the program is an academic success tutor. This tutoring opportunity, like others, is available free of charge to all students on a drop in basis.  Academic success tutoring, study skills tutoring, will be available this year on Sunday evenings, time TBD,  in Kollett Hall. This tutor can help students time manage, prioritize work, break down large assignments into smaller more manageable tasks.  This tutor can help spark motivation, work with students to overcome a barrier of getting started on projects, and help put the brakes on procrastination. Other roles include, but are not limited to, helping students clarify professor's instructions and help with organizing work.

Another group of Wheaton students tutor off campus at Norton Middle School.  These tutors work individually with middle school students several times weekly strengthening students' study skills in all academic subjects and assuring homework understanding.  Hiring for this select group begins with the on campus Job Fair.

Through its affiliations with the Writing at Wheaton program and the Quantitative Analysis Program, Kollett Hall also coordinates peer and professional support in writing across the curriculum and in calculus and statistics. More information about these resources, including schedules and locations for the professional learning associates in each area, is provided through the links indicated here.

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