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Google Plus and Hangouts


Wheaton students, faculty and staff now have the option of turning on Google Plus, Google's social media platform for their Google accounts.

While LIS has enabled this option primarily to provide access to Google Hangouts, a video conferencing service, the social media features of Plus are available to all users who opt in. These features include social networking, interest communities newsfeeds and micro-blogging.

Take a tour of Google Plus and peruse the service's exhaustive support materials.

Both Google Plus and Hangouts are covered under Google's general terms of service, which is separate from the terms that govern all other Google services offered through Wheaton except for Blogger.

Wheaton-Specific FAQs

Am I required to have a Google Plus Profile?

To use Hangouts, you must have a Google Plus profile. Otherwise, upgrading your account to Google Plus is entirely optional.

Is my Google Plus Profile public?

By default, yes. With your customizations the only parts of the profile that must remain public are your profile picture, full name, and banner image. For more on editing and securing your profile, read Google's support materials on profile security.

Is there any reason to use Google Plus through my Wheaton account other than Hangouts?

Maybe! If you figure something out we'd love to hear about it.

Who should I contact if I need help?

Pete Coco (coco_peter@wheatoncollege.edu and X 3924) is happy to help you with Google Plus and Hangouts.






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