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  1. What is the Lottery?

    For returning students your choice of room is based on an assigned lottery number*. All eligible students receive a random number based on class year: the rising Senior class will receive the best numbers, then Juniors, and so on.

    Some Halls or Rooms require special application or registration: Theme Houses, Gebbie & Keefe, Specialty Housing, and Beard. Please follow the links for more information on those processes.

  2. What is the deal with my lottery number?

    Your lottery number is randomly assigned based on your class year.  Rising seniors will have the best numbers, then rising juniors, followed by rising sophomores.  Each number comes with a date and estimated time of your turn to select a room.  The number is yours to use, it is not transferable.

  3. What if I can't make it to lottery (aka Proxy)?

    If you are unable to attend lottery, you must identify another individual to act as your Proxy.  Any current Wheaton student or Residential Life staff member can serve as your proxy.  This individual must be identified in advance through completing the proxy form (found in the Office of Residential Life) or by e-mail.

  4. What is the deal with Singles?

    Single Rooms are available through general lottery (they are not eligible to be squatted).  Less than a third of the students on campus live in a single room and only about half of those are on upper-campus.  Historically demand for singles exceeds supply particularly in the popular parts of campus.  It is important to have realistic expectations and an alternate plan if your first choices are not available.

  5. What about Connected Singles?

    Connected Singles are any two rooms that are connected and at least one of which is a single.  What makes them unique is that have individual doors leading to the hallway, but also have a door adjoining them.  Because the adjoining door is lockable, the connecting rooms can be selected individually or together.  If selected together, the same rules apply as a double, triples, etc.  Both people would go through lottery together using the best time.  However, because these rooms are popular, and only for connecting singles, if you are pulling in an underclassman to a connecting single you will select at the end of your class year's times.  For example: a senior wants to pull in a junior, that pair would choose their room after all of the other seniors have selected no matter what their lottery numbers might be.

  6. What is Squatting?

    Squatting is selecting to live in the same room from one year to the next.  There are some limitations to what rooms can be squatted and who is eligbile  Click here for more information.

  7. What if I am on a Leave of Absence?
    Students on a Leave of Absence must contact Todd Brelsford by March 15th to be a part of Room Selection.  Your e-mail must be sent from your Wheaton e-mail address.  You will need to be eligible to return to Wheaton in the Fall Semester and you must be eligible for room lottery.  Understand that by selecting a room you are entering into a contractual agreement with the College and that will carry a financial commitment.  You should contact Student Financial Services if you have any specific questions in that regard.
  8. What do I do if I have a hold on my account?
    It depends on the nature of the "hold."  Most holds that restrict room selection are financial, in which case students should contact Student Financial Services.  Disciplinary holds should contact the Dean of Students Office.  Academic holds should contact Academic Advising.
  9. What if I have applied to go Abroad in the Fall, but I'm not sure if I will be accepted?
    If you have applied to go abroad, but have no been accepted, you are able to select a single room in lottery that is not within a Theme House, Suite, or Apartment. We do this to protect houses, suite-mates, and roommates from needing to find someone to fill your spot in the likelihood you are accepted. Once Global Education informs us that you have been accepted, you are automatically withdrawn from the room and it is open for any student - because of limited space you cannot reserve a space for your return.  For more information about getting a room when you are back to campus click here.

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