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Peace & Social Justice



Empowering students with intellectual and practical tools to act effectively toward a more just world

The Peace and Social Justice minor will empower you to work for change. You will learn to examine the theories and practices that inform social justice causes, such as racial equality, human rights, gender equity, freedom of gender expression, conservation of the environment, economic equality, and an end to poverty and violence. In addition you will put your learning into action by getting involved in a campaign for social justice.

Our offerings in Peace and Social Justice will allow you to explore the complexity of social justice issues, identify the roots of inequality, introduce you to a broad range of social justice practices and strategies, and prepare your for advocacy and activism. Through coursework, you will gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities and limitations of individual action in addressing social problems and of the importance of collective action and coalition building. Through engagement with social movements and efforts for justice both historically and today, you can begin to build the skills to become an effective advocate for creating a more just world.

Our program emphasizes active learning. We involve our students in ongoing struggles to define and achieve social justice locally and globally. Students who minor in Peace and Social Justice Studies are encouraged to explore opportunities relevant to the minor through fieldwork, experiential learning, internships, and study abroad. The program is enriched through our partnership with Service, Spirituality and Social Responsibility and the Marshall Multicultural Center, which provide advising, on and off-campus programs and assistance in identifying internships and other forms of experiential learning.

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