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Multifunction Printer (MFP)
OCMS is responsible for providing maintenance supplies and service calls for the fleet of MFPs on campus.

Statement of College Practice

  1. Wheaton College has chosen to migrate toward use of multi-function printers (MFP’s) for print services.  This process will occur gradually over time, as desk top and stand alone  printers fail or can no longer be supported by IT.  The improved functionality, sustainability criteria, added security and cost containment MFP’s represent are key to this process.
  2. All requests for additional MFP’s will be based upon program/business need and/or facility renovation/construction. Proximity of existing MFP inventory, and subsequent demand, will be a strong consideration.  
  3. The requester will need to provide a brief summary of the new business/program need, desired location of MFP, location of adjacent existing MFP’s, and a proposed budget for expense allocation.  All requesters should secure supervisor approval prior to submitting their request.
  4. Upon receipt of the request, the committee will assess the summary and reply to the requester with approval/denial with their reasoning.  As needed, Director’s and Division officer’s input may be sought.
  5. Service calls for existing MFP’s should be directed to Office and Campus Mail Services through this web form:  MFP Issue Reporting form
  6. Service calls for existing printers should be directed to I.T. support services.
  7. Office and Campus Mail Services can also provide specialized print services.  Contact them to discuss your particular need and their capacity to assist you
  • Multifunction Printer (MFP) Support
    Placing a service call
    If there is a problem with the MFP and it needs repair you will need to fill out the MFP Issue Reporting form
    Who to call if you need toner:
    Please use the same form as listed above, fill out all the information requested and indicate that you need toner in the Description box. There is no charge for toner. Due to a controlled inventory we can only provide you one toner cartridge at a time
  • Paper and Stationery Needs
    We provide paper for your MFP's, Wheaton Stationery, and other Wheaton specialty items. Requests should be submitted electronically for fulfillment by utilizing the Paper Order Request form found here.
  • Print, Copy, and Binding Services
    We offer a broad range of services that will meet all of your needs from simple to complex jobs. Requests should be submitted electronically for fulfillment by utilizing the Print Order Request form found here.
  • Campus Mail Services
    We receive and distribute all mail, packages, and inter-office correspondence for the Wheaton community. Outgoing US mail is processed and delivered to the US Post Office at 9:15am Monday - Friday. Mail received in the mail room after 8:45am will be processed the next business day. It is not a facility of the US Post Office and to purchase postage for personal use please visit the Norton Post Office located next to the Old Town Hall Bookstore on Taunton Avenue. However we do offer a wide range of envelopes, boxes, and mailing forms for all of your mailing and shipping needs.
  • FedEx and UPS Shipping
    Campus Mail Services offers FedEx and UPS shipping options for your convenience. Please print and complete the shipping form found here.

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