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University of Edinburgh, Scotland

"During the spring semester of 2009, I studied at the University of Edinburgh. As far as European cities go, I feel that Edinburgh is a fantastic location to study abroad. The city offers an array of different cultural experience including free museums, live concerts, and a great night life. Although I spent much of my time in Scotland, I was still able to travel to other countries including Spain, Holland, England, and Australia. One of my most memorable experiences was backpacking by myself throughout Andalucia in southern Spain. After having spent five months outside of the U.S., I am confident that studying at the University of Edinburgh has been the most valuable experience of my college career."
- Jeff Crimmin, Psychology '10

PMCSP Spring 2009; Puebla, Mexico

"I studied in Puebla, Mexico at the BUAP, a public university. I was fully enrolled and taking classes in Spanish with Mexican students. I stayed with a wonderful family, who taught me most of the Spanish I
now know and who fully embraced me as a daughter and sister. It can be pretty scary to walk into a classroom and only be able to communicate in Spanish, but I wouldn't have picked up the language so quickly any other way. As an international relations/Spanish major, I truly feel Mexico was the right choice for me. It is the gateway to Latin America and it is interesting to see how Mexican culture is effected by the looming presence of the United States. The program that brought me to Mexico, PMCSP is truly invested in its students and plans great trips outside of Puebla, as well as helps us with any concerns or needs, whether it be private tutoring or a midnight trip to the doctor."
- Angelina Gennis, International Relations/Spanish '10

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

"One of the greatest times of my undergraduate career was well spent at Scotland's University of Edinburgh. The city itself has loads to do during both night and day. I experienced the immense cultural history of Scotland through the touristy museums, tours, festivals, cathedrals, and castles, which run programs year-round. But Edinburgh's not just a tourist town; it was really easy to immerse myself in modern Scottish culture and hang out with locals and British students to get a feel for 'real' UK life. Lots of pubbing and clubbing to balance out the studying during the day! The highlands were just a couple hours' bus ride away, and I traveled several times throughout the semester to Edinburgh Airport to go visit other European cities, including Dublin, Paris, and Cologne. I loved the courses I took and made some absolutely unforgettable friends. Definitely worthwhile."
- Emily Williamson, Psychobiology '10

University of Wollongong, Australia

"During the spring semester 2004, I studied at the University of Wollongong - about an hour south of Sydney, Australia. It was an amazing experience in all aspects: academics, travel, and general fun. I remember feeling nervous at the prospect of living and studying all the way around the world from my home, but the transition was remarkably easy! The Australian people were so friendly, even if they did have stereotypes about Americans (it goes both ways-not once did I 'throw a shrimp on the Barbie' while in Australia). They embrace life, and take it a bit less seriously than we seem to be here in the U.S., which was very refreshing, and certainly has made an impact on how I live my life now."
- John Heywood, Independent Major '05

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