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  • 38 Howard Street, date unknown

    1894-1972 38 Howard St./ Wheeler House/ New House

    Acquired when Mrs. Wheaton deeded the "Gravel Lot" to the Trustees in 1894, it was used for several purposes before being demolished in 1972. Originally used as a harness shop, the Wheeler or "New" House had been remodeled into a dwelling. Later it was used as a residence for the College Engineer. More »
  • Knapton hall, 1912

    1911-  Knapton Hall/ Science Hall

    This building was built as a science and assembly hall in 1911. It was the first classroom building to be constructed at Wheaton since the additions made to Mary Lyon Hall in 1878. A wing added in 1941 to provide more modern laboratory space opened in 1942. This building remained the Science Hall until 1968, when the new Science Center was constructed. In 1971, the building was redesigned as a center for the social sciences, and renamed Knapton Hall in honor of Dr. Ernest John Knapton, Professor of History from 1931 to 1969. More »
  • 1922 Marian Merrill

    Marian Merrill was a 1922 Wheaton graduate who returned to become the Head of the Library Circulation Department in 1927. More »
  • Nursery School, 1931

    1931-  Alumnae Guest House/ Old Nursery School

    Built in 1931 entirely by college workmen under the direction of Mr. Cutler in cooperation with the Education and Psychology Departments, the Nursery School cost $10,400. The Nursery School was enlarged in 1937, when a one-way vision observation screen was installed. After the modern Elisabeth Amen Nursery School opened in 1966, the History Department offices were housed in the old school until the Social Science departments moved to Knapton Hall in 1971. At that time, the former nursery school was converted into the Alumnae Guest House. The building is currently used for housing students or language associates. More »
  • William Courtney Hamilton Prentice

    1962-1975 William C. H. Prentice

    William C.H. Prentice (1915- ), a psychology professor and administrator from Swarthmore College, held the Wheaton presidency from 1962 until 1975, completing the building program necessary to accommodate an enrollment that grew to 1200, and completing Wheaton's first successful capital and endowment campaign, which enabled the construction of a new Science Center in 1968. More »
  • Richard P. Chapman

    1964-1939 Richard P. Chapman

    Richard P. Chapman was a member of the Board of Trustees from 1939 to 1970, and its chairman from 1947 to 1964. Mr. Chapman was the Director of New England Merchants Bank and a trustee of many other institutions. More »
  • 1970 Wheaton votes to protest

    Wheaton faculty and students vote to join other colleges and universities in a nationwide protest over the massacre of students at Kent State and Jackson State Universities. More »
  • 1970 Frank A. Tredinnick, Jr., Commencement speaker

    Frank A. Tredinnick, Jr., Executive Director of New England Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1970 Paul C. Helmreich, Commencement speaker

    Paul C. Helmreich, Associate Professor of History at Wheaton College, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1971 Vote on coeducation

    After an extensive study on the future of the college, the faculty vote in favor of coeducation. More »
  • Sara Crum, date unknown

    1971 Sara Crum

    Sara Crum was Coordinator of Campus Events from 1971 to 1987. Mrs. Crum was honored at her retirement by having a small meeting room off the Faculty Dining Room, in Emerson Dining Hall, formerly a coat closet, named in her honor as Crum's Cloakroom. More »
  • Anson Beard, date unknown

    1971-2008 Anson McCook Beard, Jr.

    Mr. Beard served as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1971 until his retirement in 2008, when he was named Trustee emeritus. He served on the Executive and Resources committees, co-chaired the Campaign for Wheaton in the 1990s, and was the Chairman of the Board from 1997 to 2001. The Haas Athletic Center […] More »
  • African-American students in the classes of 1971-72

    1971 African-American enrollment increases

    In 1971, as a result of the Civil Rights Movement, the enrollment of African-American students increase substantially. More »
  • 1971 Jewel Plummer Cobb, Commencement speaker

    Jewel Plummer Cobb, Dean of Connecticut College, speaks at Commencement and is awarded an Honorary Degree. More »
  • 1972-  Lindens House

    This house on Pine Street, along with Elms and Bittersweet, was used as a dormitory by the private girls' school the House in the Pines until the school closed in 1972. More »
  • Elms, July 1998, photographer: Travis Riley

    1972-  Elms House

    This house, along with Bittersweet and Lindens, was used as a dormitory by the private girls' school House in the Pines until the school closed in 1972. More »
  • Bittersweet, July 1998, photographer:Travis Riley

    1972-  Bittersweet House

    This house, along with Elms and Lindens, was used as a dormitory by the private girls' school The House in the Pines. Founded in 1911 by Miss Gertrude Cornish, The House in the Pines was a secondary and finishing school. President Cole had suggested establishing the school to replace Wheaton’s college preparatory program, which would disappear when the Seminary became a college in 1912. When the school closed in 1972, Wheaton purchased the three houses from Middlebury College, which had inherited The House in the Pines from its founder. Wheaton uses Bittersweet for student housing. More »
  • 1972-1931 Dr. Ernest John Knapton

    Member of the history department from 1931 to 1969, and Professor Emeritus from 1969 to 1989, Dr. Knapton was educated at the University of British Columbia, Oxford University (where he was a Rhodes Scholar) and Harvard University. More »
  • 1972 Ruth Moore Clark, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Ruth Moore Clark, P'53 & '60, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • Brackett Clark and family, June 1972, photographer: Toby Pearce

    1972-1960 Brackett H. Clark

    Mr. Clark was a trustee from 1960 to 1975 (emeritus). His two daughters Virginia, class of 1953, and Helen, class of 1960, are Wheaton graduates. More »
  • 1972 Marjorie Person Ford, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Marjorie Person Ford, Assistant to Wheaton President, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1972 Patricia Ann King, Commencement speaker

    Patricia Ann King, class of 1963 and Department Director of the Office of Civil Rights, HEW, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1973 The Honorary Nancy Ann Gattuso Holman, Commencement speaker

    The Honorary Nancy Ann Gattuso Holman, Superior Court Judge in the State of Washington, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1973 Emerson Greenaway, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Emerson Greenaway, Director of Free Library of Philadelphia and Chairman of Wheaton Library Visiting Committee, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1973 Ruth Capers McKay, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Ruth Capers McKay, Dean of the New England Conservatory and Wheaton Trustee, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1973 Emily Townsend Vermeule, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Emily Townsend Vermeule, an archaeologist, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • Margaret M. Heckler, 1973

    1973 Margaret M. Heckler, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Margaret M. Heckler, Massachusetts Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1973 Patricia Neighbors, Commencement speaker

    Patricia Neighbors, Vice President of Avon Products Inc., speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1974 Wheaton Forums on Women held

    The first of four annual Wheaton Forums on Women is held during the Spring semester. More »
  • Carolyn Rice Brown

    1974 Carolyn Rice Brown, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Carolyn Rice Brown, Class of 1950, Choreographer and principal dancer in the Merce Cunningham Dance Co., is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1974 James Sachs Plaut, Honorary Degree Recipient

    James Sachs Plaut, Director of Institute of Contemporary Art, Secretary General of the World's Craft Council, and chair of Wheaton's Visiting Committee in Art, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1974 Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, Chief of Pediatrics at Harvard, Physician-in-Chief at Boston Children's Hospital and later Wheaton Trustee is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1974 John Varick Tunney, Commencement speaker

    John Varick Tunney, United States Senator to the State of California, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1975 Wheaton fee is $5,400

    Wheaton College’s comprehensive fee is $5,400 for 1975. More »
  • Alice Frey Emerson

    1975-1991 Alice Frey Emerson

    In 1975, Wheaton named its first woman president, Alice Frey Emerson, former Dean of Students at the University of Pennsylvania, who served until 1991, completing the Sesquicentennial Campaign (1983-1986), major building renovations and the construction of the new athletic center. She led the college's move to coeducation, from the Trustees vote "in principle" in January 1987, through the arrival of Wheaton's first coed class in September 1988, and into the transition. More »
  • 1975 Elsie Benton Doty Prentice, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Elsie Benton Doty Prentice, Wife of W.C.H. Prentice, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1975 Wilma Scott Heide, Commencement speaker

    Wilma Scott Heide, Wellesley College Scholar and Guest in Residence, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1976 Fine Arts Library is flooded

    The Fine Arts Library in Watson is flooded when a pipe freezes, bursts, and sets off the sprinkler system. More »
  • 1976 Hanna Holborn Gray, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Hanna Holborn Gray, Provost at Yale University, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • Juanita Kreps

    1976 Juanita Morris Kreps, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Juanita Morris Kreps, Vice President & James B. Duke Prof. of Economics at Duke University, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1976 Sharon Leigh King, Commencement speaker

    Sharon Leigh King, Moderator of "Woman '76" on WBZ-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • Chapman Campus, 1961, photographer: Paul Allard

    1977-  Richard P. Chapman Campus

    Lower campus was named in honor of Richard P. Chapman, member of the Board of Trustees from 1939 to 1970, and its chairman from 1947 to 1964. Mr. Chapman had overseen many additions to the campus, including all of the construction east of Peacock Pond, so it was fitting that lower campus be named in his honor. The rock and plaque outside Chase Round memorialize his contributions to Wheaton College. More »
  • 1977 Archibald Cox, Commencement speaker

    Archibald Cox, Loeb Professor at Harvard University, speaks at Commencement. He was also awarded an Honorary Degree. More »
  • 1978 Blizzard of '78 shuts down Wheaton

    The Blizzard of 1978 cancels classes for two days (except for faculty members within walking distance) and delays registration for spring semester. More »
  • wccs

    1978 WCCS created

    A student run radio station, WCCS, goes on the air for the first time. More »
  • 1978 Magdalena Vanderlyn Quinby, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Magdalena Vanderlyn Quinby, Wheaton Trustee, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1978 Katherine Alice Burton, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Katherine Alice Burton, Wheaton Professor of English, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • Margaret Mead, 1978

    1978 Margaret Mead, Commencement speaker

    Margaret Mead, Curator Emerita of Ethnology at The American Museum of Natural History and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1979 Mothers' Weekend created

    Approximately 430 moms attend the first campus-wide Mothers’ Weekend. More »
  • 1979 Abram T. Collier, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Abram T. Collier, CEO of New England Mutual Life Insurance Company and Wheaton Trustee, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • 1979 Matina Souretis Horner, Honorary Degree Recipient

    Matina Souretis Horner, President of Radcliffe College, is an Honorary Degree Recipient. More »
  • Lesley Stahl

    1979 Lesley Stahl, Commencement speaker

    Lesley Stahl, class of 1963 and CBS Washington correspondent, speaks at the 1979 and 1989 Commencement. More »