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  • 1872 Reverend Alfred Emerson

    The Rev. Alfred Emerson (1812-1896) served as Wheaton Seminary Trustee from 1872 to 1893 and Treasurer from 1880 to 1891. He and his wife were among Eliza Baylies Wheaton's closest friends and advisors. Emerson provided fundamental leadership for the Seminary during the later part of the nineteenth century. More »
  • 1879-1880 Martha W. Sprague

    Hired in 1879 with the help of a commercial employment agency, Martha Sprague‘s tenure as principal seemed doomed from the start. More »
  • 1880-1897 A. Ellen Stanton

    Hired by Caroline Cutler Metcalf to teach French in 1871, A. Ellen Stanton thus provided continuity to the Seminary’s successful past, and added a continental elegance by having lived in Paris before arriving in Norton. More »
  • 1880 Reverend L.T. Townsend speaks at Commencement

    Reverend L.T. Townsend, Professor of Theology, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1881 Reverend William Crawford speaks at Commencement

    Reverend William Crawford speaks at Commencement. More »
  • Frances Vose Emerson, undated

    1881 Frances Vose Emerson

    Frances Vose Emerson W1872 (1855-1950), taught literature and history from 1881 to 1886, and was a Trustee from 1922 to 1941 when she was voted Trustee Emerita. Frances' mother, Martha Eliza Waldo Vose (1816-1903), a 6th generation descendant of Pilgrim John Alden, served as Wheaton Seminary's Principal from 1840 to 1842. In 1847, she married […] More »
  • 1881 Walking Club forms, then disbands

    On Saturday, October 8, the Walking Club is organized, with a membership of four. More »
  • 1882 Chemistry class experiments with photography

    The chemistry class experiments with photography for the first time. More »
  • Old Town Hall Bookstore facade, July 1998, photographer: Travis Riley

    1882-  Bookstore/ Old Town Hall

    Harriet Augusta Newcomb presented the Old Town Hall to the town in 1882 as a tribute to her father, Nathaniel Newcomb. The College purchased the Old Town Hall from the town of Norton in 1982. Using the building for storage while it sought a developer, the College sold it to Douglas A. King Builders, Inc. in 1986. Wheaton repurchased the structure in 1990, renovated the interior and added an elevator tower. "The Old Town Hall Bookstore at Wheaton College" opened in 1992. More »
  • 1882 Reverend James G. Vose speaks at Commencement

    Reverend James G. Vose of Providence, Rhode Island speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1883 Reverend R.R. Meredith speaks at Commencement

    Reverend R.R. Meredith of Boston, Massachusetts speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1884-  Hebe Statue

    Mrs. Wheaton gave the original lead statue and fountain of Hebe, the "cupbearer to the gods," to the Seminary for its fiftieth anniversary in 1884. In the fall of 1932 Hebe was moved to the courtyard created by the new Kilham and Metcalf dormitories. The current bronze statue was dedicated in 1982. More »
  • 1884 Alumna publishes cookbook

    Mary Bailey Lincoln, class of 1864 and first principal of the Boston Cooking School, publishes The Boston Cooking School Cookbook. More »
  • Bowling Alley, 1904

    1884-1908 Bowling Alley

    A 50th Anniversary gift to the Seminary from Eliza Baylies Wheaton, the Bowling Alley was constructed in 1884 between the apple orchard (in back of Mary Lyon Hall and in front of Knapton) and the edge of the Dimple. This little building had two alleys and stained-glass windows. The December 1884 Rushlight describes the bowling alley as “a treasure, for perfect in every part, it is this little building, with its stained glass windows, its tasteful decorations, its two alleys, and other complete appointments for the game. We are sure there are few in the state which can compare with it.” More »
  • 1884 Reverend Joseph T. Duryea speaks at Commencement

    Reverend Joseph T. Duryea of Boston, Massachusetts speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1885 Wheaton celebrates 50 years

    Wheaton celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. More »
  • 1885 Reverend Jacob Ide speaks at Commencement

    Reverend Jacob Ide of Mansfield, Massachusetts speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1885 Reverend E.G. Robinson speaks at Commencement

    Reverend E.G. Robinson, President of Brown University, speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1886 Reverend William Elliot Griffis speaks at Commencement

    Reverend William Elliot Griffis of Boston, Massachusetts speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1887 Reverend George A. Gordon speaks at Commencement

    Reverend George A. Gordon of Boston, Massachusetts speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1888 Reverend W.B. Webb speaks at Commencement

    Reverend W.B. Webb of Boston, Massachusetts speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1889 Founder's Day established

    For Mrs. Wheaton’s 80th birthday, on September 27, the teachers resolve to celebrate a “Wheaton Fete Day.” More »
  • 1889 First May Day celebration

    The earliest recorded May Day celebration occurred during the Seminary Years in 1889. Based on the medieval celebration of the coming of spring, students danced around a May Pole and participating in various other activities. Traditionally, the senior class chose the May Queen and her court from their “sister” sophomore class. By the 1920s, in […] More »
  • 1889 Reverend David Gregg speaks at Commencement

    Reverend David Gregg of Boston, Massachusetts speaks at Commencement. More »
  • 1889 Samuel Austin Chapin

    Samuel Austin Chapin was the brother of Mrs. Wheaton, and a Trustee from 1889-1890. More »
  • 1989-  Old Norton Public Library

    Built on Wheaton land, and presented to the Town of Norton by Mrs. Eliza Baylies Wheaton in 1888, the building reverted to Wheaton College one hundred years later, when the town constructed a new library in 1989. More »