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  • 1850-1876 Caroline Cutler Metcalf

    Mrs. Caroline Cutler Metcalf was one of the few truly historically influential members of the Wheaton community. Hired in 1850, at age 41, to replace Margaret Mann, she remained at Wheaton for 26 years, providing superior leadership until 1876. More »
  • 1860 Reverend Henry W. Parker, Commencement speaker

    The Reverend Henry W. Parker, pastor of the North Congregational Church of New Bedford, Massachusetts, spoke at Commencement. More »
  • 1861 Reverend Lyman Whiting, Commencement speaker

    The Reverend Lyman Whiting, D.D., pastor of the High Street Congregational Church in Providence, Rhode Island, gave the Commencement address. More »
  • 1862 Gymnastics teacher hired

    Ellen Plimpton was hired as Wheaton's first full-time teacher of calisthenics by her aunt, Mrs. Caroline Cutler Metcalf, who threatened to resign if Miss Plimpton was not hired. Previous to this, teachers led physical exercises in addition to their other duties. More »
  • 1862 The Wheatons travel to Europe

    In hopes of restoring Laban Morey Wheaton’s failing health, the Wheatons spend the summer of 1862 on a “Grand Tour” of Europe. More »
  • 1862 Reverend Daniel Tenney, Commencement speaker

    The Reverend Daniel Tenney of Boston, Massachusetts, offered the Commencement address. More »
  • Ann Carter, undated

    1862 Ann E. Carter

    Ann E. Carter was a seminary teacher from 1862-63 and 1866-71. Educated by her father, Ann E. Carter became a teacher at Wheaton in 1862-63, then withdrew because of poor health. Returning in 1866, she remained until her death, teaching history, literature and English composition. More »
  • 1863 Professor James D. Butler, Commencement speaker

    Dr. James Davie Butler, LL.D., the first Professor of Latin and Greek at State University, Madison, Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin) spoke at Commencement. More »
  • 1864 Reverend Leonard Swain, Commencement speaker

    The Reverend Leonard Swain, D.D., pastor of the Central Congregational Church in Providence, Rhode Island, gave the Commencement address. More »
  • 1865 Laban Morey Wheaton dies

    Laban Morey Wheaton died on 17 January 1865, at the age of 69. He left the use of most of his property and investments to his widow, Eliza Baylies Chapin Wheaton, for her lifetime. The most valuable asset, the estate on Winter Street in Boston, was willed to the Seminary after Mrs. Wheaton’s death. More »
  • 1865 Reverend Eli Thurston, Commencement speaker

    The Reverend Eli Thurston of Fall River, Massachusetts spoke at Commencement for the second time. More »
  • 1866 Reverend Mortimer Blake, Commencement speaker

    The Reverend Mortimer Blake, D.D., minister of the Winslow Trinitarian Congregational Church in Taunton, Massachusetts, provided the Commencement address. More »
  • 1867 Reverend Eli Thurston, Commencement speaker

    The Reverend Eli Thurston of Fall River, Massachusetts again provided the Commencement address. More »
  • 1868 Reverend Horace James, Commencement speaker

    The Commencement address was given by the Reverend Horace James, A.M., pastor of the First Congregational Church in Lowell, Massachusetts. More »
  • 1869 Clara Pike begins teaching at Wheaton

    Clara M. Pike, Class of 1866, began her 32-year career at Wheaton in 1869, teaching the sciences and fighting for better equipment and classroom facilities. Having attended classes at the Women’s Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she regularly invited professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to lecture at Wheaton. More »
  • 1869 Reverend J.E. Rankin, Commencement speaker

    The Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Eames Rankin, D.D., LL.D., of Charlestown, Massachusetts spoke at Commencement. More »
  • Kate Upson Clark, date unknown

    1869 Kate Upson Clark

    Clark was an active and influential member of Alumnae Association for over 50 years. She was the founder of the New York Wheaton Club in 1885, Wheaton's first regional alumnae club; a Trustee from 1906-1935; and the recipient of Wheaton's first honorary degree in 1919 on the 50th anniversary of her graduation. More »