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Haas Athletic Center

Haas Athletic Center was completed in 1991, replacing Clark Recreation Center.

"These days, the name of Evelyn Danzig Haas graces the entrance of the college's new athletic center. Walter Haas' $4 million gift to Wheaton in her honor came as a genuine surprise, Evie says: 'It was a mind-boggler. I couldn't take it all in for a while.'

"'The center is going to make a difference in the spirit on campus, and in the college's admission of men and women,' she says. 'As an individual, succeeding at a sport gives you a feeling of fulfillment. Sports are also a way to share something, to meet others.'

"'The more we read, the more we realize how important recreation and staying fit are for your whole life. The center will get students started, if they aren't already, on the road to good health.' ("Good Causes and the Great Outdoors," by Susan Simpson, in Alumnae Magazine, Summer 1991, pp. 11-12)

Haas Athletic Center was named for Evelyn Danzig Haas, class of 1939, Trustee from 1977 to 1989. The Gymnasium was named in honor of President Alice F. Emerson upon her retirement from Wheaton.

The natatorium was named for the Balfour family.

The field house is named for Anson McCook Beard, Jr. and his wife Jean Jones W1965.

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