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Sarah Belle Young

Sarah Belle Young was Professor of English, Registrar, and Secretary to the Faculty from 1909 to 1946 (Registrar Emerita, 1946-1973). In 1946, she was awarded as an Honorary Degree Recipient.

Miss Young experienced many changes at Wheaton, having arrived in the days of the Seminary, with all of its strict rules. She served as Registrar through the presidencies of Cole and Park, lived through the effects of two World Wars and the Great Depression, and witnessed the development of both upper and lower campuses. She lived in Old Metcalf, and was known, among both students and faculty, as a stickler for following the rules.

Grace Shepard writes of Miss Young: "Miss Sarah B. Young, Registrar of the college, has also been an important influence at Wheaton. Her alertness, her good sense, her businesslike administration have always been helpful, and back in the days of perplexed counsels, her powers of decision and determination were of very especial value." (Shepard 379)

Young Hall, built in 1957, was named for Sarah Belle Young.

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