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Marion Gebbie

Marion Gebbie, class of 1901, a quiet and shy woman who suffered from Paget's Disease, devoted her life after graduation to her parents and to charitable works. She and her sister contributed to the Chatauqua movement, and established a charitable foundation with their patrimony. A dormitory built in 1992, and the College Archives and Special Collections in the Library, are named in her memory, and were donated by the Gebbie Foundation of Rochester, NY.

In 1992-1993, the SGA founded a new tradition at the Freshman Candlelight ceremony, centered on Marion Gebbie W1901: The ghost of Marion Gebbie has haunted Wheaton for years, but has found her true home, at last, in the new Gebbie Dormitory. In gratitude, she has watered the coed oaks near Balfour-Hood, and kept them alive (several earlier plantings died).

Following the Candlelight Ceremony in the Chapel, the freshmen, carrying their lit candles, are led past the trees on their way to surround Peacock Pond. Suitable words of thanks may be said while passing the trees. (This tradition was born of the SGA's desire to develop a coed tradition linked to an activity and not to a class.)

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