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Carter Cottage/ Dr. Mack's House

Originally located on East Main Street east of Seminary Hall (Mary Lyon Hall), this house was formerly owned by Mrs. Wheaton who sold it to Mr. Gibbs ca. 1851. Wheaton Seminary acquired it in 1902 as part of the Boynton Estate.

The house was occupied for many years by Dr. Walter McIntire, Professor of Philosophy from 1914 to 1941. From 1941 until 1960, the house was occupied by Professor of Philosophy, Holcombe Austin and his family.  Austin announced that Watson Fine Arts Center was to be built on the site of his house at a faculty meeting!

Carter Cottage was sold and moved to its present location at 78 Taunton Ave. in 1960 to make way for Watson Fine Arts Center. During the process of moving, the ell broke off the house.

The house was named in honor of Miss Ann E. Carter, a seminary teacher from 1862-63 and 1866-71.

When she purchased a little house next to Holmes Cottage as a home for herself and Maria Mellus, teacher of drawing, in 1871, they became the first unmarried women teachers allowed to live outside the Boarding House. Willed to the Seminary, the house was sold and the proceeds used for scholarships. Her students established the Carter Memorial Lectureship in her memory, the first being given on 11 June 1886.

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