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Bowling Alley

A 50th Anniversary gift to the Seminary from Eliza Baylies Wheaton, the Bowling Alley was constructed in 1884 between the apple orchard (in back of Mary Lyon Hall and in front of Knapton) and the edge of the Dimple. This little building had two alleys and stained-glass windows.  The December 1884 Rushlight describes the bowling alley as “a treasure, for perfect in every part, it is this little building, with its stained glass windows, its tasteful decorations, its two alleys, and other complete appointments for the game.  We are sure there are few in the state which can compare with it.”

First mentioned in the catalogue of 1901-02 (when each building was described for the first time), the Bowling Alley was last mentioned in 1907-08.  The catalogue noted that the Alley provided “an agreeable means of exercise and recreation, especially when the weather is unfavorable for out-of-door life.”

When the Bowling Alley was moved in the spring of 1908, it was divided into three parts, used for a carpenter’s shop, a garage, and a house for an employee. Later, part of the building was attached to a faculty house.

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