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Courses offered to alumnae

For several years, a program of continuing education through home study was offered to alumnae in the subjects of literature, history, natural science, music, and drawing.

The catalogue of 1874 described the program of "independent study to be pursued at home" as including

the most important periods in Latin, French and German literature with translations from specific authors; different departments of English and American literature; portions of Ancient, Mediæval and Modern History, and topics in the Natural Sciences. Either Music or Drawing may be substituted for one of the two courses required to secure the certificate which will be given after examination in the work assigned.

Because the study outline and list of books were only supplied to those who applied to Principal Caroline Cutler Metcalf, the details are not available in the College Archives. Lacking further information, it is difficult to know how many alumnae took advantage of the offering, or if this course was requested by students who could no longer attend the Seminary in Norton, or by alumnae who wished to remain connected to the world of education. The project was not designed to increase the Seminary's income, but would have increased the workload of the principal and teachers.  The course soon disappeared from the catalogue.

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