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SGA President

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Katie Elliott, Class of 2017


The role of the Student Government Association (SGA) President is to oversee all of SGA, express the views of students to the administration, and represent Wheaton students to the larger world. The SGA President is charged to facilitate communication between the administration, students, and SGA and ensure that all voices on campus are heard to foster engagement and student efficacy.

The Student Government Association provides a platform to channel student activism, engagement, and provide a channel through which to voice concerns and shape Wheaton’s campus to reflect their priorities. Wheaton SGA is the legislative forum for students looking to impact policy, programs, and acts as a channel for funding to support student interests.

Want to get involved? Email questions, inquiries, and issues to sga@wheatoncollege.edu. Follow Wheaton College SGA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @sgawheaton or attend weekly public Senate meetings every Tuesday at 7:00 in the SGA room in the Balfour-Hood Campus Center.

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