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Student work

Wheaton students and faculty work closely together. Here are some examples.

Timothy Barker, astronomy professor, co-wrote the article “Rotation Period Determination for 247 Eukrate” in the Minor Planet Bulletin, with faculty technology liaison Gary Ahrendts and Shelby Delos ’14 (2012).

Mark LeBlanc, professor of computer science and mathematics, co-authored a paper with professors Michael Kahn (statistics), and Betsey Dyer (biology) and students Emily Baldwin ’13 and Kelsey Hichens ’13. LeBlanc presented “Classifying Stages of Retention and Loss of DNA Acquired by Horizontal Transfer between Bacteria and Archaea” on April 23, 2012, in Xi’an, China, at World DNA and Genome Day, an international bioinformatics conference.

In this video, Daniel Demeo '12 explains the work he is doing with Yohannes Tsehay '14 and Professor John Collins.

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