Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


Want to read the Quarterly on the go? Here are a few of the ways you can take the Quarterly with you.

  • Tuck the magazine in your bag. Always a convenient read.
  • Read the Quarterly web site from your computer, smart phone or iPad using your device's built-in web browser. Just go to wheatoncollege.edu/quarterly/
  • Download the PDF version to your ebook reader, computer or smart phone. You can go to specific points of interest using the PDF's Bookmarks links. Clicking on an item in the table of contents will take you to that story. We have tried to make every web and email link 'live' so you can click on them.
    Every device and every reader app is a little different. We've had great success with the iPad using the Stanza and GoodReader apps. These apps will download the PDF files listed in our bookshelf (to the right) directly onto your iPad for later reading. If you find another method that works for you, please let us know, and we'll share it here.