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About Christine Koh '95

Christine Koh is a music and brain scientist turned freelance writer, editor and designer. She is the founder and editor of BostonMamas.com, the designer behind PoshPeacock.com, and writes a personal blog at PopDiscourse.com. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and 5-year-old daughter. She tweets about it all at twitter.com/bostonmamas.

The talker who almost cried

In January I almost lost it in front of a room full of sophomores.

Christine Koh '95

I spoke at Wheaton’s Sophomore Symposium, and it was a rather amazing day in several respects—from the thoughtful programming aimed at inspiring sophomores to avoid the traditional slump and explore life options; to the fact that some 100 or so sophomores opted in to this weekend programming; to the honor of being invited to tell the story of my linear then divergent paths; to the pleasure of interacting with a remarkably thoughtful, smart and mature group of students.

To take a few steps back: Wheaton was where my passion for studying music and psychology bloomed. And as I later progressed through my M.A., Ph.D., and postdoctoral fellowship, the notion that I had evolved into something of an academic poster child for the college was not lost on me. Let’s be frank: I photograph and speak well, was pursuing an interesting interdisciplinary research trajectory, and was an active alum. The stars were aligned.

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