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Medco Pharmacy Program

The prescription drug program is available through the MEDCO Pharmacy Network. MEDCO's pharmacy network includes national retail pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, Brooks, Eckert Drugs, as well as local independent pharmacies. To locate a participating pharmacy, call MEDCO at 1-800-711-0917 or visit, www.medco.com.

Prescriptions must be filled at a MEDCO participating pharmacy. Show your ID card when filling a prescription to be charged the applicable copayments for your prescription drug program. If a prescription needs to be filled prior to receiving your ID card, you can pay for the prescription and seek reimbursement by completing a Medco Pharmacy Reimbursement Form and submitting it with the pharmacy receipt.

New Medco By Mail

This mail service program allows students to obtain a 90-day supply of a covered prescription medicine by paying a copay 2 times the monthly tier copay. When you use the Mail Service Prescription Drug Program you will need to complete a Medco By Mail Order Form and include that and your doctor's signed prescription form and mail directly to Medco. Once you fill your first prescription by mail, you can then order refills online by going to www.medco.com. Mail order prescriptions will not be filled less than 45 days from the termination date of the policy.

Please click to download the Medco Pharmacy Network Brochure.

Prescription Override Option

For students who are traveling abroad and need to fill multiple months of a prescription prior to their departure, download the following information.

Prescription Override FAQ
Prescription Override Form

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