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Digital History Project



We do history digitally, exploring original primary sources in the archives and making them accessible using the underlying language of digital media.

Eliza Baylies Wheaton in her youth

Students majoring in non-science disciplines often have little exposure to computational thinking and working with computer code.  At the same time, digital methods of analysis exert growing influence on the practice of many disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.  The Wheaton College Digital History Project seeks to bridge this gap using tools from the field of digital humanities.

Project goals:
  • Teaching historical methods through transcription and markup of primary sources with TEI*-conformable XML**
  • Making hidden collections accessible
  • Encouraging collaborative research and pedagogy
  • Exploring the intersections of history and digital media

For a summary of the project and its contexts over the past ten years, see our article Discipline-Specific Learning and Collaboration in the Wheaton College Digital History Project. We report on our long-term collaborations, the development of the TEI Archiving, Publication, and Access Project as a site for publishing our students' work, and ideas for laboratory sessions for teaching students TEI as a new phase of the project.

*Text Encoding Initiative
**eXtensible Markup Language

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