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When a Crisis on Campus Occurs

These are some ways we respond in times of campus-wide stressful incidents

  • We will meet with students individually or in groups.  Please call the Counseling Center or stop-in.  Please identify yourself as someone close to any crisis incident so we can see you as fast as we possibly can. Chances are we already know about any campus-wide incidents so you won't have to explain the whole story over to us.  We're ready for you.
  • We will respond to requests from students to meet in your residence hall or somewhere else on campus.
  • While our counselors are generally available to students only, we are happy to meet with students along with faculty or staff members.
  • We will consult with faculty and staff about ways to support students in distress.


Our Role

We provide a safe, supportive environment in which students can explore the inevitable problems and conflicts they will encounter in their young adult years. In order to meet the developmental needs of an increasingly diverse student body, the Counseling Center provides flexible and varied approaches to helping students on campus and will also refer students to off-campus resources as needed.

In addition to providing individual counseling to students, the Counseling Center also serves as a professional resource to the Wheaton community. We offer a variety of outreach programs ranging from mental health screenings to workshops focusing on specific issues. The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed mental health professionals and graduate interns in advanced training. Any concern that a student brings to the Counseling Center is treated with respect, caring, and confidentiality.

Counseling services are confidential and free of charge to all Wheaton students.

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