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geographic names, abbreviating: do not abbreviate parts of such names unless they occur in tabular

Fort Wayne, not Ft. Wayne

North Dakota, not N. Dakota

(Exception: St. Louis, St. Paul, etc.)


geographical regions: capitalize recognized regions only. Do not capitalize points of the compass used alone.

She spends her weekends in Northern California.

He moved to northern Idaho.

She traveled in the South, the Midwest and the East.

We are walking northwest.


GPA: no hyphen in the former; no periods in the latter.

Wheaton Greenhouse not Greenhouses.



headlines: use sentence case (capitalize only the first word and any proper nouns).

headlines, quotation marks in: use single quotation marks in newspaper or magazine headlines.

Nixon asserts: ‘I’m not a crook’

hip-hop: hyphenate as noun or adjective.

historic vs. historical: The former refers to things that are historically significant (a historic house). The latter refers to any aspect of the past (Wheaton College has a historical connection with the Trinitarian Church). Also, use the article “a,” not “an,” since the “h” is aspirated.

hours of the day: use figures for hours of the day: 7 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. (not 7:00 p.m., unless used in lists of events, etc., to preserve alignment of type).


1) With prefixes. When using pre, semi, anti, co, sub, etc. do not place a hyphen between the prefix and the noun or adjective.

Exception: proper nouns.


Exception: hyphenate to avoid duplicated vowels or triple consonants.




2) To avoid ambiguity. Use a hyphen when necessary to clarify the meaning.

small-business profits = profits made by small businesses

small business profits = business profits that are small


3) With “part-time” and “full-time” or with “well”

Hyphenate part-time and full-time when used as adjectives. Hyphenate any modifying words combined with “well” preceding a noun.

A part-time job, but he works part time

well-built engine, but the machine was well built

well-grounded in mathematics



Initials, middle (in names): we do not use the middle initial in Class Notes. In very limited cases, it is acceptable: e.g., Dennis M. Hanno.

internet: lowercase (per AP Style change, 2016)



lists (within text): use a colon to introduce a list and do not use the “serial comma” before “and” or “or.”

Three Wheaton teams won their divisions: baseball, field hockey and tennis.

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