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Download the mobile app that's just for Wheaton alums!

Go mobile. Wheaton Connect will put the power of the entire Wheaton network in the palm of your hand—you'll be a touch away from your classmates, friends and potential career contacts.

Search by name, class year, location or affinity group. Power it up by integrating with LinkedIn, and view social media streams and photos from campus.

Email verification
Wheaton Connect for iPhone and Android is limited to use by confirmed alumnae/i of Wheaton College, and email verification is required. If your email is not recognized by the app, simply send us a message at wheatonconnect@wheatoncollege.edu.

Wheaton Connect FAQs

How do I log in?

When you open Wheaton Connect initially, you will be asked to enter your name and email address. You will then receive an email message with further instructions. If your email is address is not recognized by the app, we will automatically receive notice via wheatonconnect@wheatoncollege.edu, and we will contact you.

Can I edit or hide my personal information in the app?

Yes. First click on "My Profile" to view the information we have on file for you. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and click on "Update My Profile" to make changes or to specify which information you want to hide from view. For instance, you may request that your phone number be hidden while other information remains visible.

Note that, regardless of your privacy settings, your name, major and class year will always display in the app, unless you opt out and exclude your entire profile. (To do so, please contact us at wheatonconnect@wheatoncollege.edu.)

Can I update my profile information directly in the mobile app?

Yes. First click on "My Profile" to view the information we have on file for you. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and click on "Update My Profile," and then enter your changes, which will be forwarded to Wheaton. Once your updated information is received, the staff of Advancement Operations will update your profile. Please note that your changes will not take effect in “real time” but will appear only after our staff updates your profile. To suggest an update for a fellow alum, click on "Suggest an Update" at the bottom of their profile.

Using the directory: Can I get a list of my classmates?

Yes. Simply enter your class year in the search field of the directory.

Can I email or call another alum directly from the app?

Sure! Once you locate the person in the directory, simply click on their email address and your phone will open a pre-addressed message. Or, click the phone number and your phone will dial the number.

How do I connect the app with my LinkedIn account?

With Wheaton Connect, you can network with other alumnae/i through LinkedIn. To connect your LinkedIn and Wheaton Connect accounts, simply click the yellow button marked “Login to LinkedIn for enhanced profiles.” After signing on to LinkedIn, you will be able to view all the information your fellow alumnae/i have chosen to include on their LinkedIn profiles.

Using the Nearby tool with the map: How do I locate alumnae/i in locations outside of my current location?

Click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the map. Then enter a specific town, state, country or address to search. The blue “W” pins represent the locations of Wheaton alumnae/i.

Is the location information “real time”?

No. The location information and all other profile data in the app are based on the information that is currently in the Alumnae/i Directory on the Wheaton College website. We will verify and post suggested changes to alumnae/i profiles as quickly as possible.

When searching on the map, how do I know who is in the area and in my class?

Click the list button in the upper right-hand corner. This will generate a list of the alumnae/i in the area, sorted by year.

How can I see events in my area?

Click the Events icon. The alumnae/i calendar displays by the default, but you can also view the campus events calendar by selecting the “college” icon at the bottom of the screen.

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