We have sharpened the advantage that Wheaton College offers by guaranteeing funding for an internship, research position, or other experiential learning opportunity for every student before the start of the senior year.

The Wheaton Edge combines the guarantee of funding for experiential learning with the high-quality educational program for which the college is known, including:

  • personalized support for each student from professors and staff to set goals, plan a course of study and explore their interests on campus and beyond.
  • a rigorous, interdisciplinary liberal arts education through our Connections curriculum that links the liberal arts to the wider world.
  • a residential campus experience directed by students, offering myriad opportunities to shape the Wheaton experience and develop leadership skills.

The Wheaton Edge guarantee, which began with the Class of 2019, formalizes the college’s long-standing commitment to providing an outstanding liberal arts education that includes real-world experience. In fact, Wheaton invests more than $1.2 million each year to support student internships.

Students will become eligible for the funding by working with Career Services at the Filene Center over the course of several semesters, culminating in the junior year. The Center’s program for internship preparation will be designed to ensure that students are prepared to make the most of the experience.

The college has more than 25 years of experience in actively helping students explore their interests through internships, research projects, service work and other experiential learning opportunities. It’s an integral part of the program that enables our students to follow their passion and achieve success after graduation.


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