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Minor requirements

Women's and Gender Studies minor worksheet

The minor in women's and gender studies consists of five or more courses: WGS 101 Introduction to Women's Studies or WGS 228 Transnational Feminisms, and three electives, only one of which may be taken at the 100 level. At least one class must be at the 300-level. Students who have completed at least one 300-level theory class (WGS 312 or WGS 315) are strongly encouraged to take WGS 401, the Senior Seminar (with permission of the instructor). Students are encouraged to do an interdisciplinary independent study and related internships.

Women's and Gender Studies courses


ANTH 255 Gender in Africa
ANTH 260 Gender and Development
ANTH 311 Violence against Women
ANTH 350 Gender and Social Organization

Art History


CLAS 266 Gender, Power and the Gods


ECON 233 Sweatshops in the World Economy
ECON 241 Women in United States Economy


ENG 236 Sex, Work and the Victorians
ENG 240 Gender, Genre and Poetry
ENG 247 Feminist Fiction
ENG 272 Romancing the Novel
ENG 343 Fictions of the Modern
ENG 348 Sexual Politics of Film Noir
ENG 377 Feminist Criticism


FR 331 Other Voices, Other Stories: Great Works by Women from France and the Francophone World


GER 267 Weimar and Nazi Cinema and Culture

Hispanic Studies

HISP 320 Spanish Women in the Golden Age
HISP 370 Contemporary Women Writers in Spain


HIST 232 Women in North America to 1790
HIST 233 United States Women, 1790-1890
HIST 234 United States Women since 1890
HIST 340 Sex and Work
HIST 341 Sex and Culture in the 19th Century U.S.
HIST 398 Sex and Gender


ITAS 235 Italian Women Writers in Translation
ITAS 298 Constructing Women Writers and Saints: 1200-1500


PHIL 255 Feminism, Philosophy and the Law

Political Science


PSY 235 Human Sexuality
PSY 290 Psychology of Women


REL 142 Religion and Sexuality


RUSS 284 Women in Russian Culture


SOC 235 Families in Transition
SOC 260 Gender Inequality
SOC 290 Sociology of Sexualities
SOC 310 Beyond Global Feminism
SOC 311 Violence against Women
SOC 320 Race, Gender and Poverty
SOC 392 Feminist Research

Women's and Gender Studies

WGS 101 Introduction to Women's Studies
WGS 228 Transnational Feminisms
WGS 311 Violence against Women
WGS 312 Feminist Theory
WGS 315 Black Feminist Theory
WGS 399 Independent Study
WGS 401 Senior Seminar

In addition, many departments offer special courses and seminars with topics applicable to the major or minor. Please see the Women's and Gender Studies advisor for permission to count the course towards either the major or minor.

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