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The Wheaton Autonomous Learning Makerspace is filled with people from across campus. From students in Studio Art, faculty in Anthropology, staff on the Web Team to Mathematics and Computer Science majors, library liasons, and faculty in Physicseveryone is welcome; everyone can contribute.

  • Alicia Herbert

    Alicia Herbert

    Alicia Herbert '14 is a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics.
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  • Emma Hartman

    Emma Hartman

    Emma is double majoring in Math and Computer Science.
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  • Clayton Rieck

    Clayton Rieck

    Clayton '14 is a Computer Science and Math double major.
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  • Sedra Davis

    Sedra Davis

    Sedra Davis '14 is a Posse Scholar and Studio Art major.
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  • Richard Neal

    Richard Neal

    Richard works for LIS, spent the summer working on lexomics, and mods old Power Mac G5s.
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  • Claudia D'Adamo

    Claudia D'Adamo

    Claudia D'Adamo '13 is a Psychology and Computer Science double major with an interest in Human Computer Interaction.
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  • Nathaniel Hunt

    Nathaniel Hunt

    Nathaniel Hunt '13 is interested in the combination of music and computer science.
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  • Anthony Castellani

    Anthony Castellani

    Anthony Castellani '13, a Computer Science major, is the president of the Computer Science club.
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  • Stephanie Antetomaso

    Stephanie Antetomaso

    Balfour Scholar Stephanie Antetomaso '12, a Russian studies and linguistics double major, assisted Wheaton College Professor Tom Armstrong in his research.
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  • Eric Drewniak

    Eric Drewniak

    Eric Drewniak '11 worked on a data mining project where the goal was to discover frequently occurring patterns in time series data.
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  • Tom Armstrong

    Tom Armstrong

    Tom Armstrong is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Wheaton College.
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