Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Whale Lab



  • Alicia Herbert

    Alicia Herbert

    Alicia Herbert '14 is a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. More »
  • Emma Hartman

    Emma Hartman

    Emma is double majoring in Math and Computer Science. More »
  • Clayton Rieck

    Clayton Rieck

    Clayton '14 is a Computer Science and Math double major. More »
  • Sedra Davis

    Sedra Davis

    Sedra Davis '14 is a Posse Scholar and Studio Art major. More »
  • Richard Neal

    Richard Neal

    Richard works for LIS, spent the summer working on lexomics, and mods old Power Mac G5s. More »
  • Claudia D'Adamo

    Claudia D'Adamo

    Claudia D'Adamo '13 is a Psychology and Computer Science double major with an interest in Human Computer Interaction. More »
  • Nathaniel Hunt

    Nathaniel Hunt '13 is interested in the combination of music and computer science. More »
  • Anthony Castellani

    Anthony Castellani '13, a Computer Science major, is the president of the Computer Science club. More »
  • Stephanie Antetomaso

    Stephanie Antetomaso

    Balfour Scholar Stephanie Antetomaso '12, a Russian studies and linguistics double major, assisted Wheaton College Professor Tom Armstrong in his research. More »
  • Eric Drewniak

    Eric Drewniak

    Eric Drewniak '11 worked on a data mining project where the goal was to discover frequently occurring patterns in time series data. More »