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  • Strategic recommendations: An emphasis on humanity and personality

    Another selection from White Whale's strategic recommendations for the renovated Wheaton web site: "What differentiates Wheaton, in the end, is not the beauty of its buildings or the pedigrees of its faculty (although both of those are impressive)— it’s the … Continue reading More »
  • Beauty is more than skin-deep

    Of course Wheaton's web renovation is more than just a new look. It's also about making our website work harder for us. Our consultant team visits a lot of college campuses. After spending time at Wheaton, they told us that … Continue reading More »
  • Themes: All news, all the time

    In the past year we've heard over and over that Wheaton students, faculty, staff and alumnae/i are doing great quantities of wonderful things, but most of them never make it to the web site. You don't have to know much … Continue reading More »
  • Themes: Information architecture

    As we're rethinking the design of the Wheaton web site we're also rethinking its organization and navigation. White Whale's recommendations sometimes sound simple and obvious, but following them carefully will make a difference. Here are a few samples. If you … Continue reading More »
  • Advertising and the use of external links on Wheaton web pages

    Increasingly we are asked about the appropriateness of links to commercial enterprises from Wheaton College web pages. Today we're announcing a policy guide to help web page editors understand both the desirability of useful external links and the unacceptability of … Continue reading More »