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Theatre minor requirements

Theatre and Dance Studies minor worksheet

The theatre and dance studies minor consists of at least five interrelated courses, at least one of which normally shall be at the 300 level. The minor includes THEA 103, /THEA 471 and three other courses approved by the department chair in one or more of the following areas of specialization: acting/directing, theatre design, theatre history, dance, dramatic literature, playwriting and film theory. In special circumstances and with approval from all department faculty, minors may substitute independent projects for /THEA 471.


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Dance minor requirements

Dance minor worksheet

The minor consists of a minimum of five courses.

Required courses

THEA 110 Jazz Dance and THEA 140 Ballet

One of the following courses:
MUSC 262 Vernacular Dance in America
MUSC 292 Broadway Bound: American Musical Theatre

One of the following courses:
MUSC 211 World Music: Eurasia
MUSC 212 World Music: Africa and the Americas
MUSC 221 Music and Dance of South Asia
THEA 276 World Theatre: Global Perspectives

At least one 300-level course.
Two semesters of THEA 320, which is a half-credit course for each semester, or an independent study THEA 399 with approval of the coordinator, .

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