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Wheaton CollegeMedSvcs form

Media Services Support Request Form for Faculty and Students for an academic class between 8am-5pm

To ensure good service, fill in all information possible.

All other request need to fill out an event from with Conference and Event Services.

If you need special training on av equipment or need to discuss details of this event that don't fit into the form, email av@wheatonma.edu.

Contact Information

Campus Phone:

Date, Time and Location Information

Location of Event:
Start Time:
End Time:
Event Description:
Services Requested:
Will you be using your own computer? Yes No
If not, please request below:
Macintosh laptop Windows laptop Network connection needed

Sound with presentation? Yes No

Specific software or special needs:

Equipment Requested
16mm Projector Audio Cassette Deck Speaker for Laptop
Portable Boom Box VHS Video Camcorder CD Player
DVD player Laserdisc Player Screen
35 mm Slide Projector 35 mm Slide Projector- Dual TV monitor
Tripod VCR LCD Projector
Overhead projector (transparencies) Projection Stand
Wireless Mic (handheld) Wireless Mic (lavalier)
Wired Microphone (handheld) Microphone for panel (table)
Microphone on podium Microphone on floor stand

Do you need computer and/or equipment assistance?
Yes No, presenter will operate.

Important Note: Sound support is provided for academic lectures and presentations only.

Movie Showing

Media Delivery:
Presenter Will Bring From Library Reserves

Format of Movie:
DVD/VHS multi-regional:

Title of Movie (English and foreign if available):

Cable TV recording

Name of the program:
Number of copies:
Start time:
End time:

Video Recording of Event

Format Requested: VHS MiniDV
Name of Event:
Type of event (ie lecture, debate):
Number of Copies:
Permission to record the event? Yes No Not Sure

Important Note: If you are requesting an event to be video taped you must reserve the room 1 hour prior to the start of the event.

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