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Major Religious Holidays

Fall Semester 2013

The following are only those holidays that are either regularly observed on campus or are days of obligation that conflict with our academic schedule for Fall 2012 (see below).   We'd like to hear from you about other religious holy days that you would like to see included on this calendar.  Contact Dean Vereene at vparnell@wheatoncollege.edu.


*5-6  Rosh HaShanah-Judaism

*14   Yom Kippur-Judaism

*19-25   Sukkot- Judaism  


*5-13   Navaratri- Hindu

*15-18 Eid al Adha-Islam

1   All Saint's Day-

3   Diwali-Hindu,Jain,Sikh

*28-5   Hanukkah- Judaisim


*Nov 28-5 Hanukkah- Judaism

1   AdventChristian

25 Christmas- Christian


Bold italics indicate a day of religious obligation that falls within our class schedule and that generally requires attendance at services or travel to be with family.  If assignments must be scheduled on these days, please consider a liberal make-up schedule to accommodate our more observant students. As always, students should contact faculty well in advance to discuss any anticipated absence.

* These Holy Days begin at sundown the day before this date.

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