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Need to apply for financial aid, complete the verification process, or change your billing address?  Here's where you'll find our most commonly used forms.

Please make sure you choose the form(s) for the correct academic year. Students who are applying for financial aid at Wheaton for the 2017-2018 academic year will find the corresponding forms below:

2017-2018 International Student Financial Aid forms

2017-2018 International Student Financial Aid Application

2017-2018 International Student Certification of Finances

Other 2017-2018 Financial Aid Forms

2017-2018 Returning Student Supplemental Financial Aid Application

2017-2018 Business Farm Supplement 

2017-2018 V1 Dependent Student Verification form

2017-2018 V1 Independent Student Verification form

2016-2017 Current Academic Year Forms

2016-2017 Business Farm Supplement

2017-2018 CSS Profile Non Custodial Parent's Statement:

A link to the on-line CSS Profile Non Custodial Parent's Statement is emailed to the student after completing their CSS Profile Application. Click here for more information.

2017-2018 Non Custodial Parent Waiver form

2016-2017 Federal Verification forms

2016-2017 Dependent Student V1 Verification Worksheet

2016-2017 Independent Student V1  Verification Worksheet

Other forms




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