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Posted on December 13, 2011

Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership

Dedicated to helping all students engage in the Wheaton community, our office provides resources and support for individuals and student clubs to become successful. The following are services we provide:

  • Professional Staff
    • Each of our professional staff are here to empower and provide you with guidance:
      • Andrea Holden, Director
      • Nadia Omar
      • Rebecca Pye
        • Location: 3rd floor Balfour-Hood, above Cafe (Elevator: 3 Level)
  • Rhodes Leadership Office
    • Equipped with banner paper, copier, ribbon, scissors, markers, club lockers, and more
    • Student staffing include:
      • Leadership Assistants
      • Building Managers
      • SAIL Student Banker
        • Location: 1st floor Balfour Hood, between Game Room and ramp to Post Office (Elevator: 1 Lower Level)


Student Government Association (SGA)

Wheaton’s Student Government Association serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership.

    • Helps students’ share ideas, interests, and concerns with faculty and administration.
    • Support student clubs with campus-wide activities, social events, community projects and more.
      • Location: 2nd floor Balfour-Hood, next to Media Room (Elevator: 2 Lower Level)


Other offices to keep in mind:

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