Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Public Safety


Violations and Fines

Non-display of a valid permit $30.00
Parking in a reserved space $30.00
Parking on a sidewalk or crosswalk $30.00
Parking outside parking space lines $30.00
Parking in a "No Parking" zone $30.00
Obstructing a building entrance or load zone $30.00
Obstructing snow removal $30.00
Parking in a posted "Tow Zone" $30.00
Parking on the grass $30.00
Parking in a posted "Fire Lane" or so to obstruct emergency vehicles $30.00
Removal of immobilizer device (boot) $30.00
Obstructing a fire hydrant $75.00
Parking in a handicapped space $75.00
Improper driving $75.00

Parking fine receipts go to the Wheaton College general fund.

Fines, which are not paid by student registrants, are billed to them through the normal College billing process. Faculty or staff who accrue unpaid parking fines may have their campus parking privileges suspended, revoked, or denied; or other administrative action may be taken.

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