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  • Energy-Saving LED Lightbulb distribution

    Energy-Saving LED Lightbulb distribution

    Free LED lightbulbs, sans mercury! Why LED? Good for the environment (80% energy savings) Good for your wallet (these bulbs sell for $9) LED bulbs are all around beneficial, so why not pick one up? Why free? Distribution of these light bulbs is part of the Mass Save energy efficiency initiative to reduce energy consumption by replacing less efficient bulbs.
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  • Nutrition Counseling

    Nutrition Counseling

    On-campus Nutrition Counseling with Gretchen Stalters.
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  • Tracing the Thread

    Tracing the Thread

    Curated by ARTH335: Exhibition Design November 19, 2014–February 13, 2015 Whether felted, sewn or twisted, fiber is woven into culture in unexpected ways. Using objects from Wheaton and from private collections, this student curated exhibition explores some of the many ways in which humans create and use fiber. Beard Gallery, Watson Fine Arts
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  • Goya and Beethoven: Finding a Voice out of Silence

    Goya and Beethoven: Finding a Voice out of Silence

    November 19, 2014–February 13, 2015 This exhibition is being created and organized by Professor Evie Staudinger’s Art History class Impossible Monsters: Goya as Painter and Printmaker. It will feature prints by the artist from Wheaton’s Permanent Collection, including one that was donated in December 2013 by Alexander B.V. Johnson and Roberta J.M. Olson, and one that will be newly purchased by students in this class through the generosity of a fund provided by Kathy Denniston ’73. Weil Gallery, Watson Fine Arts
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