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  • Glo Night!!!

    Glo Night!!!

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  • International Bazaar

    International Bazaar

    On Friday, March 24th, 2017 in all of Balfour Hood Atrium from 4 - 8pm, there will be an International Bazaar here at Wheaton College. This will be a chance to show Wheaton College your culture, history, identity and much more. It will be multi-faceted (not just a table) where different groups will showcase songs, dances, play games, do language introduction, showcase an instrument, and more. The event will end with a multicultural fashion show from people around the world.
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  • HOT TROPICS w/ LuxDeluxe at the Den

    HOT TROPICS w/ LuxDeluxe at the Den

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  • The Dimple Divers 20th Alumni Show

    The Dimple Divers 20th Alumni Show

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  • Dancing Through the Decades

    Dancing Through the Decades

    Come celebrate Purim with Hillel and Music Co-op! $1 beers and ciders will be provided, so bring your IDs and dress up from your favorite decade! Whether you come as a 90's grunger or a 70's hippy, come enjoy free live music!
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  • Cultivating Compasssion on Campus and in the Community

    Cultivating Compasssion on Campus and in the Community

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  • Wheaton World Cup

    Wheaton World Cup

    The Center for Global Education and Athletics are proud to announce the first ever Wheaton World Cup!

    - Anyone can play! Students, faculty and staff!
    - It is happening on Sunday, April 30th, from 3:30pm - 6:30pm on the Turf behind Haas (Nordin Field)
    - It is an intramural event meaning friendly and non-competitive. From beginners to professionals! One restriction is that there can no more than 2 varsity players permitted on a single team.
    - People can sign up in a team up to 7 people per team (including the goalie)
    - It will be Tournament Style with either a double or single elimination
    - Prizes will be given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
    - There will be a few tables for people to sell food and drinks for their respective clubs
    - Teams are more than welcome to design their own flags

    If you are interested in helping out or specific questions/concerns for us, please let either Judy Allen or David Murcko know.
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