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Your Wheaton by Cui Wei '17

Your Wheaton: An Exhibit of Photographs

Curated by Cui Wei '17
November 18, 2013-December 16, 2013
Wallace Library

About Your Wheaton:

Studying and living on a beautiful campus is an inspiration for many college students. But how do we perceive the meaning of beautiful? Everyone has a different interpretation. To create Your Wheaton, I collected some photos of Wheaton College’s landscape, to discover amazing moments captured by others. I want to show you how impressed students are with this campus. --Cui Wei

Artists: Holly Hamlin '17, Michelle Menacho '17, Tyler Vendetti '15, Cui Wei '17, and PapaDunes.

Lights on the Dimple. Tyler Vendetti ’15.

   As someone who is constantly stressed, I find myself looking for ways to relax throughout the week. Walking around upper campus at night is very calming, especially when the light from the library shines through the trees onto the grass. It has an eerie, yellow tone to it but I also find it incredibly peaceful.

Glimpse of peacock pond. Holly Hamlin ’17.

   Taken in the fall, in the morning. I think the pond is one of the best things about Wheaton. It adds another aspect of nature and everyone can enjoy the different forms of life it presents.

First year at Wheaton. Cui Wei ’17.

   This photo was taken by accident---- my friend was helping me testing the light, but this is my favorite photo. I took the photo in September, as a freshman, the sign is like a greeting to our new home.

Gorgeous sunset. Michelle Menacho ’17.

As I was walking to the library one late afternoon, the pink sky caught my attention. When I approached the pond, the sunset was shining the brightest right behind the chapel so I had to capture the beautiful scenery because it was unlike anything I've seen before.

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