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Archive for August, 2010

  • Brown logo

    Brown On-site Access

    Wheaton faculty, students, and staff have on-site access to all HELIN libraries, including the Brown University libraries, upon the presentation of a HELIN ID. More »

    HELIN Downtime - Thurs, Aug 26th

    Update: HELIN is back up! Thanks for your patience. More »
  • Melvil Dewey

    Whatever happened to Dewey Decimal?

    The Dewey Decimal system is alive and well, and chances are it's living happily in a local school or public library near you. More »
  • Wet Paint

    Welcome Back & Welcome Class of '14

    Welcome back to Wheaton and to the Wallace Library, and a big welcome to the new Class of 2014! We've been quite busy this summer and you'll quickly notice a number of changes around the Library. More »
  • What and how do you read for pleasure? Is this important to you?

    As part of Reading@Wheaton, each week we'll post a leading question relating to reading in some way. What do you think? What is your experience? Please join the conversation! More »
  • Stone's-Fall-cover

    Mason's Book Review: Stone's Fall

    Read Mason's review of an impressive historical mystery by Iain Pears which moves between London, Paris and Venice. More »
  • Monk reading

    Introducing Reading@Wheaton

    How do students read? Is there a “reading culture” at Wheaton? Do e-books, e-journals, Kindles, iPads, Google Books, Twitter, and texting affect the way we all read? We’d like to extend a community conversation this year about the many facets of reading – both for pleasure and for study – and involve the entire Wheaton community: students, faculty, and staff. More »
  • Wet Paint Marble Staircase

    Scenes from the Library: Wet Paint

    Painting and polishing for the start of the semester. More »
  • New Printer/Copiers

    Scenes from the Library: New Printer/Copier Day

    Setting up the new combination printer/copiers in the Library. More »
  • Social Sciences Full Text (new platform)

    Social Sciences Full Text (H.W. Wilson/Wilson Web) replaces Wilson Social Sciences Abstracts on the Ovid platform. It indexes journals in the social sciences: anthropology, area studies, economics, political science, psychology, sociology; 1984 - present. More »