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Michael DroutDr. Michael Drout. Anglo-Saxon scholar, Professor of English at Wheaton College. Mike enjoys the study of really old writing, writing from way, way before you were born. Drout has written extensively on medieval literature, including articles on Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxon wills, the Old English translation of the Rule of Chrodegang, the Exeter Book 'wisdom poems' and Anglo-Saxon medical texts. Drout's English grammar book, King Alfred's Grammar, is available at his website, www.michaeldrout.com, where you can hear him read you some Anglo-Saxon as a bedtime story.

Scott KleinmanDr. Scott Kleinman. Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Digital Humanities
at California State University, Northridge. Scott is a classic digital humanities professor: studying Middle English verse and cutting code. Scott is actively involved in the previous and latest releases of Lexos software as well as a client, using the tools in his graduate and undergraduate courses.

Mark D. LeBlancDr. Mark D. LeBlanc. Professor of Computer Science at Wheaton College. LeBlanc has supervised the development of many software tools and computational experiments in genomics and lexomics. Throughout the year, Mark tries to manage the software-types.

Previous Contributors:
Professor Tom Armstrong (Computer Science, Wheaton College) led us to the power of scikit-learn modules and cluster validation measures. Professor Mike Kahn (Statistics, Wheaton College) was invaluable as he led our efforts to apply and refine our use of unsupervised methods.

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