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Jewish Studies


Minor Requirements

Jewish Studies minor worksheet

The Jewish Studies minor consists of six courses.

Five Jewish Studies course requirements, at least one at the 300 level.
REL 109 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
REL 110 Literature of the New Testament: The Real Jesus, Ancient and Modern Views
REL 204 Scripture in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
REL 207 Introduction to Rabbinic Literature
REL 232 Faith after the Holocaust

REL 299 Independent Study
REL 322 Judaism: Faith and Practice
REL 323 Seminar in Jewish Thought
REL 399 Independent Study

One related course from the list below but students need not be restricted to these courses.

HIST 251 Early Islamic Societies
HIST 252 The Modern Middle East
HIST 253 Popular Religion and Devotion in the Middle Ages
HIST 343 Late Antiquity: Transformation and Migration
HIST 344 Sex, Gender and the Body in the Medieval World

POLS 207 Classical and Medieval Political Theory
POLS 263 The Politics of the Middle East
POLS 347 Islamic Political Thought

Students need to submit a proposal explaining how the related course fits into the Jewish Studies minor. The proposal is submitted to the coordinator of the minor, and must be approved by the minor coordinator and the faculty person teaching the related course.

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