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The Health Professions: Preparation and Requirements

The beginning of your college career at Wheaton marks the beginning of your preparation to becoming a medical professional.  Past Wheaton students form an impressive list of acceptances to all healthcare practitioner-related graduate programs. Still others are doing medical-related research at the graduate level, studying for Master’s and doctorate degree in medical-related fields, or are employed at many of the best institutions of medical-related research.

The success of our recent applicants is the result not only of their hard work, but also their participation in all-important health professions-related internships, research, and volunteer/community service projects all over the US and abroad. In many cases, students gained crucial direct experience with healthcare, finding such experiences with the invaluable assistance of Wheaton’s Career Services office. Many also pursued opportunities with alumnae/i and friends of Wheaton who work in the health professions. It cannot be stressed enough how such experiences and activities are absolutely necessary in order to be a strong candidate for graduate-level studies in any health profession.

Students interested in any health profession will gain much from participation in Wheaton’s Pre-health Society, a Student Government Association-sponsored student group. Through attendance at health professions presentations, students learn critical information about various health professions, as well as hear from guest speakers who have successfully pursued these careers. It is also through the society that members of the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) meet with students to update them on requirements, application procedures, and timelines.

Ponder the successes of your peers. Follow their example. Gaining admittance to a health profession school is extremely competitive. Therefore, work closely with those of us who stand ready to help you pursue your goal of a career in the health professions. It is an exciting future, but one that calls for considerable planning, preparation, and dedication. Be an active member of your classes. Pursue activities that will help you learn more about the health professions and your motivation to help others. With much hard work and a lot of determination, and the help and advice available through HPAC, Career Services, and your professors, you too will be able to reach your goal of becoming a health professional.




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