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Academic Planning

Planning a study abroad experience requires careful thought in order to ensure that your overseas experience is compatible with your overall academic program of study. As such, we recommend that you take advantage of the advising resources listed below in order to make the best possible decisions and to enhance the chances of having a rewarding and successful study abroad experience.

Faculty Advisors
The Wheaton faculty is essential in shaping your academic and personal goals at Wheaton. They are available to you as a resource from your First Year Seminar through your senior year. They are also extremely important to the process as you explore study abroad programs and select courses.

Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services
A broad array of resources is available for students in the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services located in Kollett Hall. The center consists of four units:

  • Academic Advising - Class deans and preceptors help students make personal decisions about your academic plans while at Wheaton. You can get assistance with declaring a major and considering other off-campus options such as 12 College Exchange, Brown University Registration, and domestic programs such as NTI, SALT, etc.
  • Career Services - The Career Services staff members can help you to explore opportunities and to focus your academic and professional interests to prepare you for your real-world learning.
  • Disabilities Services - Students in need of classroom accommodations or services due to a documented disability should contact the office of Disability Services within the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services.
  • Tutoring/Academic Resources - The Tutoring Program provides academic support for students in a variety of ways such as the Peer Tutor Program, the Writing Program and the Quantitative Analysis Program. Peer Tutoring is available in Kollett Hall on Sunday through Thursday evenings and the schedule is posted on the Filene Center website each semester.

Center for Global Education
The Center for Global Education can help you to explore your global education options whether it be a study abroad experience through an overseas university, an overseas internship program, service for academic credit, as well as international career information for when you return from abroad.

Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning
Academic services are provided that include individualized academic advising support and development throughout a student's undergraduate career. They also offer programming for diverse students.

Office of the Registrar
The Registrar's Office provides students with academic policy and procedure support as well as assists students with the registration proces, domestic transfer credit, transcript requests, final exam scheduling, and finalizing graduation requirements.

Planning Timetable

Freshman Year

  • Begin your academic career by taking your foundation & connection courses
  • Begin to think about your major and minor areas of interest
  • Meet with your FYS advisor along with your advising team (preceptors, etc.)
  • Visit the Center for Global Education Website and Resource Library
  • Attend the Study Abroad Fair and the Center for Global Education information sessions before meeting with a study abroad advisor.
  • Research Wheaton Study Abroad Program Options
  • Meet with a Study Abroad Peer Advisor to learn about study abroad through a Wheaton student
  • Consider course selection for the sophomore year

Sophomore Year

  • Declare your major plan of study and plan out academic and co-curricular experiences.
  • Attend Sophomore Symposium, Global Education information sessions and other events prior to meeting with a study abroad advisor.
  • Visit the Center for Global Education Website and Resource Library
  • Continue doing research on Wheaton Study Abroad Program Options.
  • Research Wheaton study abroad program requirements, deadlines, and meet with a Center for Global Education study abroad advisor.
  • Start to narrow country/program/university selection and gather appropriate program information and application materials from the Center for Global Education.
  • Begin to discuss specific program options and course selection(s) with faculty advisors.
  • Select program and apply through the Center for Global Education and submit materials by appropriate deadlines.
  • Utilize the Database of Approved Courses .

Junior Year

  • If you are a junior interested in studying abroad first semester senior year you should meet with the Center for Global Education in the Fall of your junior year to complete additional procedures.
  • Juniors can investigate short-term (winter and summer) global opportunities if not planning to go abroad for a semester or academic year.
  • Visit the Center for Global Education Website and Resource Library
  • Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, and other international fellowships and grants should be explored in junior year through the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services.
  • Davis, Wheaton, and Watson fellowships should also be explored through the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services prior to departure for a study abroad program.
  • While abroad, students should create a plan for networking with local companies and non-profit organizations, create a resume in both U.S. and international formats, and schedule informational interviews.

Senior Year

  • Seniors can explore international work, volunteer, internship opportunities and graduate school options with the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services.

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