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The Center for Global Education - your doorway to the world beyond.

The Center of Global Education was created because Wheaton College understands the need for everyone to develop an international perspective. Studying abroad for a semester or year provides students the opportunity to fully engage with another culture.

Study abroad programs offered by Wheaton College have been chosen to reflect the university's commitment to the ideal of education as a transformative experience. Wheaton believes the challenges students face when confronted with different perspectives enhance their understanding of their place in the world and their opportunities beyond Wheaton College.

Wheaton College is committed to providing students with opportunities to broaden their understanding and vision beyond the borders of this campus and this country. Our study abroad programs offer high-quality courses in a variety of fields, including some specialized curricula in visual arts, environmental sciences, religion, education and the languages.  Far from the whirlwind of the home campus, study abroad participants have the opportunity to pursue more independent intellectual endeavors. Because Wheaton College is committed to making these programs available to as wide a range of students as possible, the number of Wheaton students who study abroad is consistently high in comparison to other institutions. In fact, over the last five years on average 45% of the student body participated in an overseas program of study.

With unique program offerings in places such as Botswana, Bhutan, South Africa and New Zealand, Wheaton College works to support the dreams and aspirations of our students to have a positive impact on the world.

Non-Wheaton programs

If you are considering a program not on our approved list, you must make an appointment to meet with the Dean of the Center as soon as possible, where you will receive information about the unapproved program petition process. Petitions for Fall study abroad are due February 15.  Petitions for Spring study abroad are due September 15.

Resources to help you plan:


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